Muscadine Lines: A Southern Journal

A Revolver of White Truth

Daniel Gallik

As Smith became a rock,
the rock became Smith.
He said that even though
he had become cerebral,
the minds of the nation
would not notice him at
all, that life would die.

I told him he had become
a common man after he
had turned twenty one,
Jones said. A buffet
of styles swirled two
men sitting in a swamp.
My right oblique cues

me that I am ill. Still,
I will wait for comments.
Smitty looked up, a hum
emitted from his orifice.
Both had lapses of taste.
Jones walked away, and
as he did this, he said,

I believe in yellow and
loud harbors. Gonna
move there right now.
You go ahead, get hard
like a rock and become
Smith. I’ll stay Jones
and drink a lot easier.


Daniel Gallik has had poetry and short stories published by Hawaii Review, A.I.M.(America’s Intercultural Magazine), PARABOLA, NIMROD, LIMESTONE (University of Kentucky), THE HIRAM POETRY REVIEW, AURA (University of Alabama), and WHISKEY ISLAND (Cleveland State University). Daniel's first novel is A Story Of Dumb Fate.

© Daniel Gallik

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