Muscadine Lines: A Southern Journal

I Need Mountains

Judy Lee Green

I need limestone
beneath my feet
and mountains to rest
my eyes against.
I need hardwood
trees with leaves of green
and dogwood and redbud
blooms in spring.

I need changing
seasons throughout the year,
creeks that run cool and clear,
valleys of green, birds of air,
rolling hills at which to stare,
I need roadside lilies that grow
volunteer, houses with porches
and ladder-back chairs.

I need barns and cattle and
fresh plowed fields, vegetable
gardens and produce stands.
I need black-eyed Susies
growing in ditches, and wild
roses growing on barbed-wire
fences. I need open space,
chipmunks unseen, squirrels

and rabbits, hear mockingbirds sing.
I need tree lines in the distance
and mountains grand. Though I love
the ocean, the beach, the sand,
the plains, the prairie, the desert,
lowlands, these places cannot still
my glance. I need mountains
to rest my eyes against.


Judy Lee Green, a writer of fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry and essay, presents various Life Stories programs and workshops and challenges others to write their memoirs.

© Judy Lee Green

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