Muscadine Lines: A Southern Journal

Maddening Winds

Brian Bagwan

These maddening winds whistle at night,
blowing with cold chills, i shiver inside,
i look to the moon, its sickly soft glow,
illuminate treetops leading where to go,
stumbling through, a winding dark path,
i fumble my compass now broken in half,
chased by past sins, that taunt me with glee,
they speak my ill will, plans of tormenting me.
thoughts long forgotten, unravel my mind,
resurfacing visions, long buried in time.
but i journey in, through maddening winds,
in hopes that one day, they quiet within.


BRIAN BAGWAN is a twenty-four-year-old male of southern California. As a teen he went through the many stereotypical youth culture cliches of abuse, suicide, drugs, and homelessness, which have given him many different perspectives in life. He then studied vocational nursing and graduated. He has been able to stay afloat in life through poetry and hopes through poetry he finds a life he loves.

© Brian Bagwan

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