Muscadine Lines: A Southern Journal

Cricket Music

Dr. Peggy Smith Duke

Stillness rills
the cricket voices
in the katydid choruses
drowned now
by hurricane rain.
A single
silver woodwind trill
a somber solo still
and tentative,
Mahler work
with sparse
and vibrant strings
of cricket violins
the autumn air
with music breath.


Dr. Peggy Smith Duke

Planted dreams of
squash, bright green
spears of beans and corn
fill the early days.

zucchini grow
and grow
filling baskets
twice again.
not enough
to defeat them.

Pickles, a fresh
French soup
with cheese
called Laughing Cow.
Twice again
the kitchen disappears
in seas of green
gourded bounty--



DR. PEGGY SMITH DUKE is a poet and writer living in rural Middle Tennessee, with her husband, four dogs, one cat, and a disagreeable horse. During racing season, she serves as crew chief for her husband’s competitive sportsman drag racing. She worked in aircraft and appliance manufacturing for 20 years and has published in newspapers, professional journals, and magazines for 30 years. Her poetry has been published in The Trunk (2003, 2004) and John Reid’s Traveling: An Anthology of Award-Winning Poetry (2005). Her poem, "Shirt Factory," won Most Highly Commended recognition in the Tom Howard Poetry Contest, and she is three times a poetry winner in the Middle Tennessee State University Writer’s Loft Fiction and Poetry Competition. She holds a BS in Journalism and an MA in Industrial Psychology from Middle Tennessee State University, and an EdD from Vanderbilt University. In 2004 she completed a writing certificate with a focus in poetry.


© Dr. Peggy Smith Duke

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