Muscadine Lines: A Southern Journal

Born Again       Again

Luke Buckham

When I'm on my ten-speed racing bicycle,
following the white line with two humming wheels,
channeled in the blade of wind between traffic and forest,
getting honked at by cars whose drivers
pretend to know so sternly their destination,
I picture soul after soul, self after dead self,
demon after demon, flying out of me
and falling in the wind behind
like a series of flung coats.


Luke Buckham was born in the middle of 1980 and is currently living on a friend's couch in Keene, New Hampshire, where he works as a chef at a pseudo-Mexican restaurant. He has failed at almost everything and is learning to relish the freedom that this affords. His print-only 'zine, THE INAPPROPRIATE, can be obtained by e-mailing him at and asking him for a copy. Luke has written thousands of autobiographies in the third person. His last published collection of poems, Moonlight on Moloch, is available for viewing and printing at

© Luke Buckham

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