Muscadine Lines: A Southern Journal


Oritsegbemi E. Jakpa

Yesterday morning, I saw a sea of sober men
walking through the Metro street, protesting,
with paper tape sealing their mouths that bear
the inscription "Peace." It seems this word is
their life. Like lightning, it came to my
imagination faster and clearer than any word
I have heard. It has never left my memory since
then. This has led me to ponder why, it has
led me to philosophical inquiry, which,
written or spoken word is faster and clearer,
is first, is last, is grander. My inquiry has taken
me through the physical, to the metaphysical,
and back; it has taken me back through time to the
ancient pages of hieroglyphics: it has taken me
even further back to the very beginning. For in
the beginning was the word--written or spoken?


Oritsegbemi E. Jakpa has been published in more than 70 magazines, anthologies and imprints, and is most recently published in Aesthetica Magazine, True Poet Magazine, Poetic Voices, The Oracular Tree Magazine, and the Wissahickon Journal. He lives in London, England.

© Oritsegbemi E. Jakpa

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