Muscadine Lines: A Southern Journal

ash and golem

Christopher Mulrooney

mark my words the bitter feller said
I'll not have them so I'll not
but pure as driven snow you wot
says I you swot we'll read in bed

whatever is the tale that's told
that's how we like it smoke Old Gold
it's superobvious when you think
and frankly dear I'm tickled pink

no it's pink I'm tickled frankly
if you want me more than truth
when it's harbored thick and dankly
angels say look homeward Ruth

where the prepossessor swore
allegiance to the published score
and scholastically reneged
before the bore had even twigged

'twas tragical and too untimely
for our bitter revenants
to do better reverence
in the country air unhiemly

where the books don't cook they canter
as they undergrads make banter
this wrong turn and that they show
are worth all pedants think they know


Christopher Mulrooney was born in Athens, Georgia in 1956. He has written poems and translations in The Drunken Boat, Burning Leaf, Segue, Chiron Review, Crate, and Voices Israel, criticism in Pyramid, The Film Journal, and Parameter, and a volume of poetry called notebook and sheaves (AmErica House, 2002).

© Christopher Mulrooney

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