Muscadine Lines: A Southern Journal


Crystal Elisa Hurst

dedicated to my birthplace

the honeysuckles and the pine trees
thorns in my hands from picking blackberries
a cold glass of ice tea sitting on the porch swing
escape from the summer heat
blackwater beneath my feet
moon light reflecting
fish tickle my toes
water always gets up my nose
and it's cold when you get out
laying in the grass
looking up at the stars
don't know which is Venus and which is Mars
but I know that's the Big Dipper
there's a breeze blowing through the trees
I can see them dancing and swaying
the crickets are talking
I wonder what they're saying
that sky is endless
and those stars are countless
and sometimes I miss my sweet southern home


Crystal Elisa Hurst is an aspiring writer and poet. Born in Alabama, she spent much of her childhood in Mississippi. She originally began writing poetry as an outlet and often bases her writing on personal experiences and places she’s been. She currently resides in Houston, Texas, with her fiancé; dog, Dixie; cat, Pixie; and fish, Pip.

© Crystal Elisa Hurst

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