Muscadine Lines: A Southern Journal


Laurie Michaud-Kay

It reaches beyond stage wings,

Beyond stored scenery and props,

Beyond dressing room doors and empty instrument cases.


It encompasses more than excitement-induced giggles,

Nervous leg stretches and sweaty palms.


Backstage is where the soul of the performer first unfolds,

Touched by the beauty of an art.


Hours of relentless practice add new dimensions to the soul,

Forging a skill so technically strong,

That when bent by the whim of individual interpretation,

It only sparkles more brilliantly.


Backstage the polished performer turns his eyes inward,

Exploring new avenues of potential within the soul,

Eagerly seeking opportunities for self-expression through the art.


Backstage, then, is where present and future performers

Practice the arts which, when presented onstage,

Reveal their sensual wonderment to the souls of others.


Laurie Michaud-Kay began a career in writing because she was curious. She found writing provided an excuse for digging deeper into subjects, both human and academic. She turned this personality quirk into a 30-year career in corporate communications. Now retired, she lives in Tennessee…still exploring where curiosity leads.

© Laurie Michaud-Kay

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