Muscadine Lines: A Southern Journal

Parrot, Sun, Lady

Danny Purvis

Moses, Jesus of Nazareth,
And the holy prophet Mohammed
Were sitting in a bar one day
When in walked L. Ron Hubbard

With a bright green parrot
On his shoulder. The bar was called
The R&R and catered
Mainly to servicemen,

Active and retired. The parrot
Had a sense of humor, could
Float an emeter, and was generally
Quite a bird. Nevertheless,

The sun, exploding in slow motion,
Beyond the shadows, impaired,
Our solar system not a jogger
It seems, broke, really fell

For a Korean lady who just
Then rumbled into the parking lot
Aboard her Kawasaki,
Insouciant, with muscular thighs.


Danny Purvis has lived many years in the haunted city of Columbia, SC. When he is not writing, he is bothered by odd coincidences, occasional glimpses seemingly revelatory in perhaps sinister modalities, private obsessions and the like.

© Danny Purvis

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