Muscadine Lines: A Southern Journal

The Thunderous Tsunami

Suma Subramaniam

It was an ocean wave
That left countless dead
And made children crave
Thousands presumed dead while so many for their lives, fled.

Pilgrims taking a holy dip in the sea
Children playing and the elderly taking their morning stroll
Tourists enjoying a sun bath with glee
All submerged, leaving nothing but a high death toll.

The disaster effects…widespread and severe
It spelt more than just a natural disaster
For the fishermen families lost their sole breadwinners
A mass destruction of marine biology, 'twas a total slayer

Corpses of victims found and buried in shallow graves
The relief efforts….gigantic and complicated
Reconstruction and rehabilitation for thousands saved
Homes for homeless and ruthlessly stranded.

The thunderous roar of the tsunami
still echoes in the mind’s eye.
It will take a long time to heal--
The devastation caused by the sub-marine landslide.


Suma Subramaniam has a bachelors in Computer Applications and holds a post-graduate degree in Management with a specialization in Human Resources. She has always pursued writing as a hobby, but has recently taken it up seriously. Suma is a member of the editorial board of Kritya, a webjournal for poetry.

This poem is based on a tsunami which occured in Southeast Asia in the year 2004.

© Suma Subramaniam

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