Muscadine Lines: A Southern Journal


Umesh Ghoshdastider

So many particles, waves are moving
And some reasons for which we are still alive
Some seconds are gone thinking these
I've reached to my station
No matter when the train will start
I'm not totally expected like this foam
That's ruled by the unknown.
The tracks have gone over each other
And arrest us in their home swiftly
The shackles are not the bar
We are the coherent bar
These have to go very slowly, unconsciously
Shadowed by the cloud of our shadow
Patience doesn't exist where we are.


Umesh Ghoshdastider was a bio science student of Presidency College, ranked seventh in India by the India Education Info, of Kolkata, India. He first published in the international magazine AHA POETRY in 2005, and has also published in MIND FIRE and Decanto Magazine.

© Umesh Ghoshdastider

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