Muscadine Lines: A Southern Journal

Old Things Considered

River Huffman

I like old things. Large, musty houses reverberating music and laughter of a
thousand family feasts;
Old cars, chromed and curvaceous, recalling Sunday drives through countryside since vanished;
Corbelled buildings on Main Street, where men with hats and women in skirts sat at oak desks and transacted business by methods obsolete;
Esthetic movie theatres where light and shadow flickered across screens in dramas taut and unoffending;
Churches, austere and well-proportioned, whose melodic bells were the only break in Sunday morning silence;
And I like old people - wise and revered - wandering through cemeteries in autumn, reminiscing with family and friends.


River Huffman is a musician, writer, collector of folklore and ghost tales, and is currently at work on an anthology of supernatural stories concerning the provenance of antiques.

© River Huffman

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