Muscadine Lines: A Southern Journal


Dana Sieben

Autumn is approaching
And with it is a forest full
Of aging leaves - colors
All over the spectrum.
Cardinal reds,
Lemon chiffon yellows,
Pumpkin orange,
Even eggplant purple.

Through my sweatshirt,
I feel the brisk winds
Pick up and bring goosebumps
To my arms and legs
As I hunt for the biggest pumpkin
In the pumpkin field.

Corn stalks,
Harvested for decoration,
Stand sentinel against a craft booth.
Homemade soaps and
Indian dream catchers
Hang gracefully from white tents with
Framed cross-stitch and
Quilts showing a country life
that I embrace
And love
And can not get enough of.

Autumn is approaching
And life can not get any sweeter than this.


A graduate of the University of Alabama, Dana Sieben has been published in various issues of USA Deep South, Long Story Short, Mosaic Minds, and Muscadine Lines: A Southern Journal. She is a member of and a contributing writer to Dew on the Kudzu, a southern web journal. She also writes humor articles for Her short story "Thigh Master, Move Over" will appear in the forthcoming book Funnybone Fitness from Guideposts Books (October, 2006).

Dana can be reached at or at her blog,

© Dana Sieben

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