Muscadine Lines: A Southern Journal

Mirror Analysis

Evan Walsh

Frustration rears its head and pushes a reaction
Further than it should go if things were level
The knee will jerk again until checked and understood

Fathomable now but only in a manner he sees the sign and checks the situation
Moderation becomes him and a more pleasant but reserved manner ensues

Better for those around as he begins to understand the mechanics and the constant barometer that surrounds him becomes less important perhaps ultimately redundant but not yet

A vagueness engulfs him and trains of thought come and go
Dwelling on the state of mind it surrounds and drags down into the fine sand to finish the job

And it is fear of this that causes the hands to reach out looking for the limb to drag him out
One must not struggle in here
The struggle will end you
Never really understood the logic of that
Seems like hindsight and futility mixed together
The struggle can save you and kill you
The difference is in the direction

Battered now over analysed and exposed he looks beaten
The point perhaps is to strip back, understand then re-grow
Shall that be the limb of hope to grasp


Evan Walsh lives and works in Sydney, Australia, with his family. His writing reflects a diversity of past experiences, ranging from a martial arts instructor to a publican. His past lives and travels drive his particular style.

© Evan Walsh

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