Muscadine Lines: A Southern Journal

Bring Brother Back

Hannah Dills

With his new bag and shoes,
      After all of the fuss,
My mom and I walked
      Brother out to the bus.

On the big school bus,
      I sure wanted to go,
But Mom held my hand
      And shook her head no.

When Mom asked was I hungry,
      I wanted no snack,
I wanted that bus
      To bring brother back.

Mom said we would wait
      Until three o’clock,
But the clock went too slowly
      Just tick and then tock.

Mom said we’d have fun,
      It would all be okay,
And whatever I picked
      Is what we would play.

To help the long day
      To go really fast,
We slid at the park
      Me first and Mom last.

With naptime there came
      No one to brother’s bed,
So Mom put a big bear
      In there instead.

When I got out of bed
      And heard our clock chime,
Mom said that it finally
      Was just the right time.

Then brother’s bus came
      And he took off his pack,
And I hugged him to show
      I was glad he came back.


Hannah Dills has been writing creatively since she was eight years old. She won regional writing competitions in junior high school, which fueled her dreams to become a published author. In addition to being a full-time mom, she writes children's stories and romance novels, and she is a member of the Romance Writers of America and the Barnes & Noble Writers' Group.

“Bring Brother Back” was inspired when she erroneously thought her younger son would be thrilled to finally have alone time with his mom once his older brother started kindergarten.

© Hannah Dills

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