Muscadine Lines: A Southern Journal

Somewhere Safer

Danny Smith

Sometimes it seems calmer to have everything covered,
even behind a bar of smoke and haze.

The queasy feeling when warm winds churn,
and things are calm,
but something is about to happen.

The predictions.
The thinking.
The listening.

None of which can completely
make for you the first move/response.
Nor the first of many.
That would be too easy: Your wheels would never turn, words dead without pictures.

And when you see your old house,
          your new one,
              different and same.

And when you see your moonbeams,
          your stars,
              different and same.

And when you see your eternal life,
          your eternal death,
              different and same.

Eye and storm come calm.

Fear goes, love moving mountains.


Danny Smith from Marion, Louisiana, pursues a Ph. D. at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette with emphasis in Southern Literature and Creative Writing dissertation. His short stories, personal essays, and poetry are published in venues, including “The Helicon,” “The Louisiana Association of College Composition Journal,” “The Southwestern Review,” and “Tattoo Highway.”

© Danny Smith

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