Muscadine Lines: A Southern Journal


Heather Stephens

I failed her,
perhaps them both
for the look they gave
was one and the same.

It was irony that daughter reflected
mother in mirrored moments and fate
that waited to claim the second
as it had taken the first.

I watched as she lost her breath
holding on for fear that broken hearts
were too much to mend and love
would prevail after all.

Months later, I watched as fear
crept into the second, stealing
her false confidence, leaving
me breathless, afraid

That life's wisdom found
in shadows of death
would be forgotten
when I breathed again.


Heather Stephens is a writer currently living in the Nashville area. She is a self-described bookworm and has always enjoyed the idea of becoming a published author. She primarily focuses on fiction, but also writes essays and dabbles in poetry. She is currently a freelance publicity writer and has written many biographies for independent artists and songwriters in the Nashville area.

© Heather Stephens

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