Muscadine Lines: A Southern Journal

Missing You

David Vandiver

I found myself during the night... After I got home and asleep, reaching...

I awoke with my hand reaching for the middle of the bed, looking for
something... something was missing and my mind would not let me rest without it.

My bed seemed huge, my arms seemed empty and lost without
something... something was missing... something I needed to hold.

I was cold, for the first time in forever, I was actually cold... heat was missing... something was missing...

I describe it in so many words... like it took hours to understand... but I knew in an instant. All of these feelings happened at once.

I was missing you.

This is what I was writing when you called... I love you.


David Vandiver resides in Nashville, Tennessee, where he explores his passion for storytelling with the fascinating character of Vandiye. The CD for Vandiye’s Journey of Many Lands is available at

© David Vandiver

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