Muscadine Lines: A Southern Journal


Michelle Wagner

I've been traveling

don't know where.

I've been missin' you

but you don't have a clue

nor do you really care.

I've been wandering for so long

lost my direction

sick and tired of looking

for some sort of love and affection.

Searching for a place to belong.

I'm still walking around with the pain,

hoping my life I can regain.

The anger and hurt

makes me feel as if I am nothing but dirt.

The memories still remain

to where I could be deemed as insane.

Wishing someone would love me

for me,

Not the person they see.

Sometimes wanting to die,

not sure of the reason why.

I gaze upon the midnight sky,

and watch as the clouds go drifting by.

Knowing my life shall be

what I make it.

It's all now up to me.


Michelle Wagner writes poetry about everyday life and emotions of her heart. She lives in Hershey, Pennsylvania, with her four children.

© Michelle Wagner

Muscadine Lines: A Southern Journal ISSN 1554-8449, Copyright © 2004-2012