Muscadine Lines: A Southern Journal


Devin Wayne Davis

short but joyous life
--this wee leaf,
poised in denial of fall

... course, i am always
assuming youth

--that all the others, green
and hanging on through november,

they aren't just basking
under the collapsing season.


Devin Wayne Davis has written more than two thousand poems; he likes concise verse. His work is printed in The Sacramento Anthology: 100 poems; Sanskrit; Dwan; Poetry Depth Quarterly; and 17 Chapbooks.

Both Barnes & Noble and Tower Books have featured readings by Davis; he has addressed citizens and lawmakers on the northern steps of the California state capitol and has read for annual poetry events at the Crocker Art Museum.

Davis is a graduate of CSUS. He earned a BA in journalism and history. He has hiked Mt. Whitney three times. He has three daughters, and is a testicular cancer survivor.

© Devin Wayne Davis

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