Muscadine Lines: A Southern Journal

In the Passage of Dream-time

Michael Levy

I enter my rainbows, stirring in slumbering amour,

Infinite hospitality of blissful excellence.

In dreams, I roam through forests of reflections,

Discover Banyan trees of euphoria,

Beyond the doorway to exalted realities,

I merge with unfathomable mountains,

Behold distant horizons,

Spirit's harvest brings forth gardens of beauty before my eyes,

I blend with orchids without worries,

Roses that have no scent of fear,

Daffodils that can so fluently waltz, the dance of gladness,

Gardenia and Azaleas that liberate joy infused perfumes.

My smiling soul's reflection shines celestial love beams,

I ride upon the magnetic waves of angel wings

Across the heavens majestic high-ways,

All too soon, a new day dawns

The passage of dream-time slowly extinguishes itself,

Eloquent virtues of Mother Nature's bounty,

Open-up an array of gifts for my mortal senses pleasure,

Blessings of my minds awakening renewal,

I travel inside the music of my vitality,

Alight, to the rhythm ‘n pulses of my heartbeat,

In the brightness of the early dawn

Daytime illusions enter, their unrehearsed roll plays.


Michael Levy is the author of six books. His poetry and essays now grace many Web sites, journals and magazines throughout the world. His Web site is ranked number one in the world out of 25,000,000 Web sites when "Inspirational books" are the search words on Google's search engine. Michael is an authentic living alchemist. He is an unusual poet, alchemy philosopher and uncommon author, who writes from the heart and soul.

Michael's latest poetry book "Worry Causes Wrinkles" is now available at all bookstores.
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© Michael Levy

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