Muscadine Lines: A Southern Journal

Time lapse

E. Mitchell Stone

Cushion clouds parted

A full moon eye took it all in

A spider spinning lines in the center

Where the sun once shone in

On the windowpane

A shadow sat down beside her

Crickets collected cobwebs down below

Water combed the sand free of debris

Morning hid behind bush black and green

Finger strands reaching toward the glass

She tried to avoid in conversation

Yet the mirror listened intently

Throughout the wet morning

Till dawn broke in, uninvited

With a milk bottle racket

Bird chirping rattlebone

That lasted throughout the day.


E. Mitchell Stone was born in Kentucky and is of American Indian descent. He is editing two manuscripts of nonfiction, managed by Tal Literary. He has published in The Courier-Journal and Free Radical. Stone is currently assembling an anthology of free-verse, artwork, and essays.

© E. Mitchell Stone

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