Muscadine Lines: A Southern Journal

Great Plain's Dance

Amedeo Dellago

No way of being above

You can only dance
like wind is standing on his own
like blood is standing on his own
tormentuously pushing the space

The loneliest dance
like the smile they can never see

Lonely like a prehistoric bird
dwarf-curving body of pain
the ancient feathers surrounding the sky

Trying to turn dust into wind

Dancing till life or death

The story of You
on Earth unconfused and eternal


Amedeo Dellago is a mathematician and high school teacher in Deva, Romania, Eastern Europe. He is a resident of Hunedoara, Romania. He was first published in The Batyspheric Review, Fall 2005. He was also featured in Poetry Canada, Winter 2006.

© Amedeo Dellago

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