Muscadine Lines: A Southern Journal

Four Haiku

Michael Levy

Haiku for Poker Players

Cavorting with expressions
chance on tokens
keepsake only on the river

Haiku for Diners

Lavish big tippers
baked in benevolence
ordering with a glaze

Haiku for Hairdressers

At the hairdressers
snippets of idol chatter
exclusively for hot heads

Haiku for Beauticians

Inflated botox cheek
stars in the making
soaking up the sauce


Michael Levy is the author of six books. His poetry and essays now grace many Web sites, journals, and magazines throughout the world. His Web site is ranked number one in the world out of 25,000,000 Web sites when "Inspirational books" are the search words on Google's search engine. Michael is an authentic living alchemist. He is an unusual poet, alchemy philosopher, and uncommon author, who writes from the heart and soul.

Michael's latest poetry book Worry Causes Wrinkles is now available at all bookstores.
Visit his Web site.

© Michael Levy

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