Muscadine Lines: A Southern Journal

The 8-Second Ride

Melissa Russell

The dust has settled on another rodeo
But there’s soon another one on the go
He packs his spurs his vest and his chaps
And his well worn cowboy hat
He travels from dawn to dusk
Always getting lost and in a rut
He arrives at the grounds
The entry tent is found
The bulls are drawn
The cowboy's name is called out
He’s focusing on that 8 seconds, without a doubt
The bull's in the chute
He's got his spurs on his dusty boots
They pull his rope tight
And he makes sure he's sitting right
He calls “let’s out boys”
That’s what rodeos are all about
The bull bucks and spins
The cowboy is focused on a win
He hangs on tight and puts up a fair fight
He loosens his grip, and begins to slip
And it’s over just 7 seconds out
He may not have made it, but he's still alive
But the cowboy knows one thing
He’s grateful for the chance of the 8-second ride


Melissa Russell is from Melbourne, Australia, and currently works in sales in the car industry.

© Melissa Russell

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