Muscadine Lines: A Southern Journal

Nature's Wedding Sprinkled With Shenandoah Seasonings

Penny MacPherson

By the road to The Curry School, Under a canopy of
light blue, Clouds Shepherded from the west,
A mild breeze floating Beyond, the spacious grandeur
of manicured flower beds, Teeming with a profusion of
pinks, reds, and purples,
Standing proud and erect in patchworks of
accomplished patterns of beauty and balance,
The scattering of stately magnolias
with their little sisters--Azalea and Dogwood,
lending a calm air of serene repose.

All along the route, The gasping, blushing breezes,
Their lunging legs and fibrous fingers of fluttering life,
Dancing, rousing rhythm of a silent Virginia Reel,
of nature--with sprouting green growth
stemming upward, From the bowing earth ...
from the moistened fertility that asserts its
quiet confidence into affirming life language.

Prosperous in appearance, vivacious, swollen, Spring clasps
Summer's hand in a touch of an enduring caress.

They enter the wedding canopy,
Blissful, Innocent, Trusting,
Unsure of everything
Except that the journey has begun ...
Flanking them as attendants,
The fragrant, warm perfume of mulberry,
Tomorrow, the brilliant foliage of flaming red,
burnished orange, and
time-softened yellow
Tree by tree, the leaves will change ...
A foreshadowing of the changes and deepenings to come

Life flushes and flexes,
Precision: sketch of varied petals
But then, the transformative simplicity of Union.

Still, a profound shift has overtaken them ...
Gradual, Grounded, Subtle,
They dig down deep, Side-by-side,
and commence to learn to coexist
as they begin to blossom ...


Penny MacPherson holds both a B.A. from Wells College (Aurora, NY) and a Master's of Teaching degree from The University of Virginia (Charlottesville, VA). She has authored 4 books of poetry, and has published a dozen poems in several newsletters and national magazines. She currently resides in Florida.

© Penny MacPherson

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