Muscadine Lines: A Southern Journal

Misty Shadows on the Lake

Mary Maupin

Its valley, like shadows, is low, long and wide,
Surrounded with trees, lush and green.
An azure sky reflects in the waters of the lake,
Enhancing its own brilliance and splendor.

A lone eagle searches the trees for a haven among the cypress.
Lusterless logs of turtles still bathe in the dying rays of the sun.
A squadron of geese, in a giant chevron, prepare for end of day's flight.

Now comes the dawn and the mist begins to swell,
Encompassing all the land's inhabitants.
Not a sound ... Not a leaf fluttering ... Everything is still.

The mist begins to rise, slowly at first.
Then the trees begin a tremor and reverberate
Into a resonance of unmeasured depth.

As the mist begins to slip silently away,
So does the lone figure who reels across the waters,
Melds into the woods on the far side of the lake,
And evaporates with the mist.


Visiting a Cowboy Poetry Gathering when she was 65, Mary Maupin got hooked. It gave her an outlet to write about her family. Her poetry is about the things she's done, the places she has been, and the people she's met along the way. Her work has been published in "Novice Notions" in the Fulton Leader, Fulton, Kentucky; Jackson Purchase Historical Journal; Writer's Ink; Jackson Tennessee Writer's Journal, and she has had articles in Senior World and was a Third Place winner in Arizona Writers competition, 1986.

© Mary Maupin

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