Muscadine Lines: A Southern Journal

She Stands Alone

Randy Allstun

She stands alone, majestic and sad
Icy gales ripping her brown
Raiment from gnarled arms outstretched above
Coal-black, fertile, frozen soil.

What mystery stayed her quick demise
As she reigns unscathed
On ancient knoll when others perished
From saw and blade, cut and chop?

Ten-score seasons passed ruling, watching
Droughts and floods, day and night, light
Flourishing crops, barren fields, always
Blanketing her anchored feet.

Free lodging provided to countless
Wayfarers and denizens
Nesting birds and squirrels, farmers who
Nap in shade and coolness then-

Work the soil beneath her protective
Reach; generations passing
Loving, growing, crying, and dying
Faithful, loyal minions.

She stands alone, majestic and sad
Moonlight scattered through stark crown
Corn stover bowing in obeisance
Dark Queen in tattered gown.


Randy Allstun is a farmer and teacher in extreme Southeast Missouri. He graduated from Southeast Missouri State University with a major in mathematics and minors in science and English. He has been writing essays and poems for years, but only for his students.

© Randy Allstun

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