Muscadine Lines: A Southern Journal

Colored Mindful Imagination

Stanislav Rabikovich

This being human is merely a dream
day in day out this colored scheme
where temper mentality is short and fragments are time
scattered, shattered, dispersed then joined
perhaps a sick joke or someone's crime

bring me the script of life's blue prints
bring me the loophole and my staff

I shall above all bring you
for your soul a raft

This being human shall evade
and your thoughts of love it shall consummate
where colors and sounds deceivably intertwine
and life becomes to seem God's crime
I will above all grant you
the script of colored mindful imagination

And many forms of art you'll draw
as I once conceived and here you are
no, your eyes through blindness cannot perceive
that I gave birds wings, and swine their breasts
and more you wish in acquisition to earn
but in the present have failed to learn
I upheld you above all
and blessed you with colored mindful imagination


Stanislav Rabikovich currently lives in Toronto, Canada and has just completed a poetry book titled Mirror Book, or word reflections of self awareness.

© Stanislav Rabikovich

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