Muscadine Lines: A Southern Journal


Umesh Ghoshdastider

Kiss me for I've been waiting for you so long
in the darkest room we can go
or above the soft meadows
or under the white waves of sun
or hidden from everyone's eyes.
So don't wait please - kiss me,
touch your pink lips on my cheek.
Oh! in the twilight I see the pleasure.
Let me touch your yellow skin
and taste the orange in it.
If I'm crazy, forgive me.
my passions are insatiable lust
Please don't deny me for I can't bear that.
We are too far apart, but I can't forget you
for you are my fire of sun.


Umesh Ghoshdastider is currently pursuing a masters in physiology from the University of Calcutta, India. He has published poems in online journals like Mindfire, Aha Poetry, A Southern Journal, Fullosia Press, Decanto Magazine, Toe Tree Journal, The Poetry Victims, Scars Publications, Associated Content, and Language and Culture and printed journals like Poetcrit.

© Umesh Ghoshdastider

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