Muscadine Lines: A Southern Journal

Old Things

Lucille Hardy


Old things are what I like best,

A spinning wheel and a teakwood chest,

A lamp, a teapot, and a cherry stand,

All cared for by a gnarled old hand.



Lucille Hardy, an octogenarian, was a long-time educator—teacher and principal. She completed a BS, double major, in social studies, receiving First Diploma at Delta State University. She also received a BS in elementary education, an MS in Special Education, and an MS in Supervision/Administration. As a child she had a river for a playground; she was born and raised in an old house that faced the Ohio River and served as a station on the Underground Railroad. As an adult she has lived in the Mississippi Delta near a bigger river—in the same old house—for sixty years. She wrote this poem as a young woman.

© Lucille Hardy

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