Muscadine Lines: A Southern Journal

Blackberry Winter

Judith Anderson

They call it blackberry winter—
Coming, as it does most years
With clusters of pristine white blooms
On arching canes—the sky clears,
Clouds swept aside by Arctic wind
Designed to carry blighting frost.
Spring’s progress toward Summer’s gift
Falters, fails, flees. So much is lost
Of unfolding leaf, tender bud,
Vulnerable seedlings turned black.
Capricious blackberry winter
Whistling through the ruin, turns back.


Judith Anderson lives on 20 acres at the end of a dead end road in St. Clair County. She recently obtained her first Confederate Rose plant and points with pride when it blooms, but as much as she loves flowers, she is more famous as a "seed undertaker" than gardener. She is more successful as a grandmother and wife and mother, and to fill out her life, she works with her husband in a nonprofit organization.

© Judith Anderson

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