Muscadine Lines: A Southern Journal

Transcending McDonald's


Coffee … drive through McDonald's roundabout
A landscapers jungle of green Nandina bushes…
Swaying masses of tall bamboo; steam rises;
Five cars ahead of me … all lined up to get someplace first
Roll my window down, listen to the steady rain,

Water surges escaping through tin gutters,
Cascading on the precisely placed order of lined rocks
Watch large cat eyes peering, ready to pounce
Monster cars; bamboo bends as rain picks up
The tinkle of wind chimes … echo of a distant gong.

"Welcome to McDonald's, place your order please."


Nancy Fletcher-Blume, a current resident of Franklin, Tennessee, is president of the Tennessee Writers Alliance and president of the Williamson County Council for the Written Word. Her short fiction and poetry were published in the 1995, 1996, and 1998 editions of Our Voices. Her entry in the first edition of Our Voices, "Cast Iron Dogs," won the Kate Trickey award and was published as a book for young readers. She has also adapted and condensed two of Robert Louis Stevenson's classics for children.

© Nancy Fletcher-Blume

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