Muscadine Lines: A Southern Journal

Country Sunday
Near Bethune, South Carolina

Perry Higman

An old man
and a little boy,
dressed in Sunday clothes,
a South Carolina road—
they're a mile or more from town—
seems like nowhere—
whe're they goin'?

going home
going home

The old man's got
a high-crowned cap
and the little boy
pulls on his hand
trying to lean out
toward the road—
I pull left a bit
not to get too close

going home
going home

And he tips his hat
to give me thanks—

The Carolina road
glitters with bits of quartz,
shining green-mown grass
along each side—
autumn leaves
glow with gold and rust
this Sunday evening
as far as we can see . . .

going home
going home


Perry Higman teaches at Eastern Washington University. His poetry translations have been published in book form by City Lights in San Francisco, Eastern Washington University Press, The Metropolitan Museum in New York, and Takarajima Books in Tokyo. One of his original poems appeared in the Southern Maine Review, and part of a poem he wrote about Roy Rogers' death appeared in the New York Times Sunday Magazine.

© Perry Higman

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