Muscadine Lines: A Southern Journal

My Belle Jana

Penny MacPherson

From the first time I stroked her,
Pawshake, moist nose, sable silk
Held me hostage with gentle
Kisses and Regal Baring.

Through stinging, blinding blizzards,
Through damp, dreary, rainy days,
And blistering Dogwood sun,
We walk through life together.

See her rolling in the grass?
Hear her paddling in the pond?
Feel her nudge for a pet?
Touching times I won’t forget.

She snuggles close at bedtime.
Warm tongue kisses tears away.
She loves to catch grapes and balls.
She cowers in thunderstorms.

I stare as Dad carries her to the car
In a light blue flannel sheet.
The needle is quick.
The vet is kind.
Convulsions stop—
Spirit leaves—
Body stiffens—
Unbandaged Wound walks



Penny MacPherson offers poetry workshops at Mary Giella Elementary School in Spring Hill, Florida. Her work has appeared in such publications as: Just Another Writing Magazine, Beginnings: a Magazine for Emerging Writers,Access, Expressions, The Post Star, Discovery: the John Milton Magazine, and Muscadine Lines: a Southern Journal.

© Penny MacPherson

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