Muscadine Lines: A Southern Journal

A Surprise Found 1000 Miles Away

Tammy Manor

I never thought it would come to this
You, a stranger stationed halfway around the world
Me, an average New Yorker thinking that I'm doing a mitzah
When we first started "talking" I felt awkward and I didn't know what to say
So I rambled about myself and asked you questions almost in a job interview fashion
I was impressed by your ability to live in the desert fighting for the freedom of people
      who have lost touch with our nation and don't care
We e-mailed back and forth every day
I was always happy to see a note from you, however short
You told me you were allowed 30 minutes a day on the computer and you spent some of
      that time on me
We sent pictures to each other and shared stories about ourselves
I was relieved and thrilled when I learned that you were coming home
Your last e-mail to me included a phone number
When I called you it was just as awkward for me as that very first e-mail
All I could think to talk to you about was baseball and that was perfectly fine with you
You told me all about being back home and seeing old friends and having good food
The way you talked about America made me feel like I've taken certain things for
That first phone conversation lasted five hours and led to another and another
What started as a penpal of sorts turned into so much more
I hadn't expected it, I never meant to develop feelings for someone that lived so far away
Countless hours on the phone and I knew we had to meet
Everyone was concerned for my safety, but I felt like I had known you for years
I knew I loved you when I got that Saturday morning phone call and you said you were
      going to have to go back to Iraq
I had so many thoughts, feelings and emotions swimming through my mind and I just
      started crying and I cried for hours
You asked me to marry you that day over the phone
It wasn't the marriage proposal I had expected…you weren't on one knee holding a ring
But in my mind I know that that will come
For now there's just an incredible feeling knowing that somewhere in this world someone
      loves me with all of my faults
I used to be cynical about relationships and men, having had my heart broken again and
But now I know that there truly is someone out there for me
There is no Mr. Perfect but there is a Mr. Perfect for me
Although the miles seem to never end I know that you are my beshert


Tammy Manor teaches high school English in New York City. She has been writing poetry since she was fourteen years old. She has done poetry readings for fourteen years. She has been published in a few academic literary magazines and a few e-zines.

© Tammy Manor

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