Muscadine Lines: A Southern Journal

Crack in the Stone

Sally O'Quinn

I have performed my roles behind a veil,
changing costumes, repeating lines
for an audience who never saw me.
I have lived behind walls of stone,
safe—very safe—from a curious
and painful
in a careless moment with you
I lifted the veil
and the words I spoke were not
And even as I hurry
to cover myself again
I notice
(with relief and with fear)

there is a crack in the stone.


Sally O'Quinn is a native Floridian whose family has lived in Central Florida since the 1880's, so she has a particular fondness for works that capture the language and background of the state and its people. (Lois Lenski's "Strawberry Girl" was a childhood favorite.) She returns to writing after a twenty year absence, during which time she raised a daughter and several dogs. A lifelong fan of Southern writers, Sally lives with her husband, Kelly, in Haines City, Florida.

© Sally O'Quinn

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