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Marriage Forever: Secrets of a Romantic Man

A 364-Day Romance Prescription

Dr. Phil Stack


Directions: Whether earthquake, loss of job, famine, sickness or frustration, you follow the prescription faithfully.

You will say to your wife, “I love you” tenderly 2 times each day and say it eye to eye.

You will compliment your wife 3 times each day, so that she can feel important to you.

To reassure each other of your togetherness, you will not pass your wife without reaching out to touch her.

You will hold her hand in public when walking together.

If she asks you to do something for her, you will do it promptly, commenting, “glad to,” or “just for you, honey.” It makes her feel special.

For every little thing she does for you, your response is a “Thank you.” Also a “God bless you” to a sneeze. When asking something of her it is always, “Please.”

You will use words of endearment often, as “Honey,” “Sweetheart,” “Darling,”
“Baby,” as you choose.

Three times a week or more you will bring something home for sharing together. The routine is to sit down together and share, half for her and half for you. It could be a piece of fruit, a candy bar, a sandwich, anything you can cut in half.

Three times a week you can call her to tell her you are thinking of her. Share a moment of togetherness over the phone, “Just to let you know, you are on my mind.”

One tight hug in the morning and one at night as a reminder, you belong to one another.

Give her surprises. Whatever you can afford. A rose, a piece of poetry, sing a familiar song to her, take her out to a special place. Aim at providing special surprises only with her in mind.

Having been away from her all day, always ask how she feels. If she is tired or under the weather, it is pampering time. Fix her something hot, rub her feet, treat her with care, as if she were worth the world to you, and she is.

For spiritual guidance, attend church together regularly. Anything you do together has a unifying power. Your togetherness is always desirable for the kids to be seeing.

Close each day with an act of family bonding together, whether with prayer, dining together as a family, or sitting together and discussing family issues.

Because she is very special to you, remember her birthday with extra attentiveness—also anniversary and holidays.

Give your wife three wishes each week and try to accommodate at least one.

See her as a priceless asset to your life. Her ideas, talents, and skills my be different from yours. But added to those you are gifted with, together you are quadrupled in power as you deal with life's issues.

Let no distraction come between you. Plan together, love together, pull together, and you will succeed on the road to marriage forever. You will provide a family stability to your children that will influence their future lives in a wonderful way.

How you treat their mother will be the model they will follow because you've taught them how to love, respect, and care for a woman. Their future happiness may depend on it.


Dr. Phil Stack of Spring Hill, Tennessee, is the author of Purpose-Driven Parenting. His essay is based on his own 50-year courtship practices as a romantic man. Because it has worked fabulously for him, he would like to share it with others.

© Dr. Phil Stack

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