Muscadine Lines: A Southern Journal

The Return

Michael Angelo

Still dripping with light
impersonal of the mountain night
scrawled and stained, strained
to the last intimacy
sex has gone the curtain drawn
demands all celibate skill
mechanical solution to isolation
time is majesty candles white
flawless in dominion
but never calming
only mocking
mock him

Now there is no more fight
decades of stone
have made him mean
to the clean dream
of love pure love clean
as a mountain stream
life did not know
what to make of him
his last night here
keeps company with wolves
the light kills the night.


Michael Angelo is a graduate of Northern Arizona University with a (BA) degree in Philosophy and another (AA) in English Literature. He has been writing poetry since he was seven years old. He currently lives in Rimrock, Arizona, is writing (and re-writing) a book of short stories, drives "Big Rigs" during the day, and is front (vocalist) for a death metal band in the evenings. Weekends, he breeds Pit Bulls and is working on his first independent film. Publication credits include Black Eagle Press and Poetry Southwest.

© Michael Angelo

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