Muscadine Lines: A Southern Journal


Jennifer Dix

The space between
Full consciousness
And deep sleep
Foggy, then alert
Images spiral
Creativity peaks
At inopportune times
Ideas appear at night
Only to disappear
In the morning

In a semi lucid state
The mind flows
Much more freely
Making me wish
For a device
To transcribe dreams
And record thoughts
As they happen
Before I forget them
In the morning


Jennifer Dix has been published in Vanderbilt Medical Center's House Organ, Hometown magazine, and in various other community publications. She writes poetry and creative nonfiction and is a member of the Tennessee Writers Alliance. Jennifer spent her childhood and teenage years in Weakley County, Tennessee, primarily in the small town of Palmersville. She is presently employed in market research and has worked in advertising and nonprofits. A graduate of Austin Peay State University, she currently resides in Springfield, Tennessee.

© Jennifer Dix

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