Muscadine Lines: A Southern Journal


S. R. Lee

There is a dead horse in the field,
near the fence
the school chidlren across the road will not see.
The fence row is filled with trees
and playing fields distance the school buildings.
The children will not know that
the dead horse lies here
on grass,
cold and beautiful.

His death was easy
only a bit of the moist ground is scarred
his feet are neatly together
two front, two back, in normal place.
His mane flows as wind would blow it
over onto the grass
and his eye is half open.

Drivers will not see him
for the trees
and a need to concentrate on the narrow road
give the horse privacy.

I have covered him with a big tarp,
protection from crows.
The backhoe man will come today,
and soon the horse will be decently buried,

the dead horse in the field
near the fence.


S. R. Lee is the author of Granny Lindy, published in 2005, and Beechville: Now, Then & In Between, published in 2006. Sally has a Christmas carol published by Oxford University Press. She took the Woodland Award for Best Poet in the Cookeville Creative Writers' Contest, May 2000, and has read at the Southern Festival of Books in Nashville. She was contributing editor of The Poets of St. Paul's, an anthology of St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Franklin, Tennessee. Sally has spent her lifetime in Middle Tennessee. She and her husband live on the family farm, where their daughter trains horses.

© S. R. Lee

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