Muscadine Lines: A Southern Journal


Kathleen Vibbert

I think death must be a cakewalk—
a place for the tired to turn themselves
inside out, then to begin to live again.
And us, here, wing beats inside our intestines;
the dove with its peace, its message tries to
the cage we've provided.

Even as the tops of our heads split open
our scalps part and the flight begins.
We ask why we are eventually laid out?

Fingers that once pointed toward empty hallways;
voices stepping into their rattle:

Why is it taking so long?

We're all poured neat into a smile.
Our caskets blacken the sun,
as we return somewhere between the roots
of the thornberry.


Kathleen Vibbert's works have been published in Spillway Review, Electric Acorn, Facets: A Literary Magazine, Lily: A Literary Review, The Criterion Newspaper, Softblow Poetry Journal, Moondance, and Celebrating Creative Women. She enjoys scrapbooking and studying creative writing. Currently, she lives with her husband in Indiana and has three adult children. Her daughter is a graduate of Ole Miss, and Kathleen was greatly inspired by the South during her daughter's stay in Oxford, Mississippi.

© Kathleen Vibbert

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