Muscadine Lines: A Southern Journal

From Hertz To Hurts

Gerald Bosacker

No longer young, I've slowed a bit
but I'm still strong, you must admit,
and I wore gloves that did not fit.

Though widely thought,  I killed my wife,
I vowed to spend the rest of my life
hunting down that man with my  knife.

You might think that I have failed,
seeing the guilty man be jailed,
but in my book, his crime's unveiled.


Gerald Bosacker's wry but light-hearted style of rhymed poetry disguises his self-nominated role of iconoclastic critic submerged in his writing. Savor his writing but do not ignore the messages, plainly stated and always based on fact. It is proper to snicker at ironic contradictions so common in human endeavors. Laugh at what you can't change, and eventually, it will. It seems obvious that Jonathan Swift was Bosacker's literary inspiration.


© Gerald Bosacker

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