Muscadine Lines: A Southern Journal


Ed Coet

The moment I saw you,
the instinct I captured that first
glimpse of breathtaking beauty it
shook me to the depth of my soul,
to the core of my being,
and I thought I would explode in ecstasy.
The moment I caught a glimpse
of your glimmering smile,
and felt the penetrating warmth
of your essence, purity and goodness,
your kindness and charity,
I was captivated body and soul.
That was the moment I was drawn in.
I was over come by an imaginary truth
that I could not explain and
could only feel and experience.
It explained that one emotion
that everyone seeks.  It explained love
That moment could not be denied me.
It could never be diminished or dismissed.
It was wholly mine to cling to
for however long I wanted.
It was complete perfection.
It was the moment I dreamt you.


Ed Coet is a retired US Army officer, a professional educator, and a widely published freelance writer and poet. Ed has had numerous articles published on a variety of topics. Ed’s short stories, David’s Angel, Big Bertha, and Simon and Papa John were published in the popular Ezine Bewildering Stories and in Author’s Big Bertha was also published in Scribal Tales magazine. Ed Coet’s poems have been published in Purple Dream Ezine, Solder Works magazine, Children, Churches & Daddies magazine, Scars publication,  Steller Showcase Journal, Both Sides Now Journal, Because We Write magazine, Lost Beat Poetry Journal, Cynic magazine, Fullosia Press, Blue Fog Poetry Journal, Poetic Diversity magazine, Author’s Den Ezine, The Huffington Post, Raven Publishing, Inc., Muscadine Lines, A Southern Journal, and Namaste Fiji – The International Anthology of Poetry, The “Breaking Silences” Book Collection, and “We the Poet’s” 2007 Scars Publication Poetry Collection Book. Visit with Ed Coet at “The Coet Blog at

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