Muscadine Lines: A Southern Journal


Christopher Fog

Mamma said go to sleep
underneath the southern deep
skies dark blue and wicked
dreams didn’t come so easy

Voodoo man stood by the highway
his eyes red and livid
mean men stood by and wavered
mamma’s life was near an end

Damm the rain and damm the wind
damm the men that made her scream
in the woods by the night
mamma disappeared in a flash of light

Blood dripped down the world
night closed in and made me cold
mamma’s whisper came across the damp
telling me not to be so bold

The house stayed in the southern storm
others went when the wind came for
but the voodoo man stood there by the highway
looking at me, and mamma screamed

I never left the bedroom there
voodoo man stayed and stared
when morning came, he was gone
so was mamma, and I was alone

Now, voodoo man is back again
his eyes red and livid
my son is standing in the rain
the sky dark and wicked

I fired my gun into the night
voodoo man dropped dead in a flash of light
I’m sorry mamma, I know what you told
but a man’s not a man unless he is bold


© Christopher Fog

Muscadine Lines: A Southern Journal ISSN 1554-8449, Copyright © 2004-2012