Muscadine Lines: A Southern Journal


Gerald Bosacker

The slow moving and  kindly porcupines
need protection from their woodland foes,
so God covered them with prickly spines
from their stubby tail, clear to their nose.

I've consulted experts in Natural History
for solutions to the riddle I’m thinking of.
With all their prickly quills, this mystery.
How the heck do  porcupines make love?


Gerald Bosacker, once a prosperous businessman and corporate executive, has abandoned all forms of non-altruistic endeavor and now is dedicated to expiating his past crimes to the environment, people's feelings, and over-rich customers eager to spend their money for things they really didn't need. His contrition will be expressed with sensitive poetry and moralistic worldly tales with twisted endings. Avoiding payment to corrupt editors demanding meagerly available reading fees and the usual over-educated literary editors hobbled with myopic vision, Gerald Bosacker's wit and wisdom will be hard to find. Keep looking!

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© Gerald Bosacker

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