Muscadine Lines: A Southern Journal


Sally O'Quinn

Your power draws me like magnetism,
invisible pull, irresistible force,
two opposites bound by laws we do not
The comparison is not original, I know,
but what else defines the energy
which bristles about us in sputtering fields
and holds us fast in our twin orbits?
Some say there is healing with magnets,
that years of torment may be relieved
by applying them with faith,
but I side with the doubters who say
if you cannot see it,
it does not exist.


Sally O'Quinn is a fourth-generation Native Floridian who has written for over 30 years. Her poems and short stories have appeared in Muscadine Lines:A Southern Journal; Hazel Street's Imagine anthology; J.D. Vines Publication's Creative Writer, Volume 2; and Glass:A Journal of Poetry, as well as winning contests at Write Around The Block and Hazel Street's Mini Musical Notes. Sally is married to her best friend, Kelly, and has a lovely daughter, Emily. A link to more of Sally's work can be found here:

© Sally O'Quinn

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