Muscadine Lines: A Southern Journal

The Whispering Moon

Joyce A. O. Lee

When I'm gone from this place, I shall miss the moon.
The perfect pearl that hangs suspended, unattached in a midnight sky.
Its glow, cool on my face.
More ancient than the pyramids and its people,
Who took their simple secrets with them.
Secrets far too simple for our advanced knowledge.
I watch that silver orb move soundlessly through the sky,
Followed by its silent singers of love.
I am no student of the Universe to place my fingertip on the mountain of this or the valley of that.
I only know, when I'm gone from this place I've known so long,
I shall miss the moon, whispering,
"Come with me, come with me. Together, let us race across the sky."


Joyce A. O. Lee is the author of the novel The Length of a Love Song, published in 2005 by Cold Tree Press. Her poems were included in Our Voices: Williamson County Literary Review, 1997 and 1998. She attended Columbia State Community College, where she studied literature, English composition, and creative writing. She has studied creative writing with Richard Speight; Clay Stafford; Darnell Arnoult; and Maggie Vaughn, Poet Laureate of Tennessee. She is a member of the Tennessee Writers Alliance and the Williamson County Council for the Written Word. Joyce is originally from Kansas City, Missouri, and has lived in the Middle Tennessee area since 1973.

© Joyce A. O. Lee

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