Muscadine Lines: A Southern Journal

Warm, Vibrant Dahlias on the Ground Beneath

Penny MacPherson

Warm, vibrant dahlias on the ground beneath
Like a Persian carpet unfurled.
"I'm sorry I had to leave your body, your presence," she thought,
"after all, who knows when the next fire will be, frail moon - touched flame!"
In cool cotton her heart grew hot.
She felt her flesh, rising up somehow.
How to evoke the swift months' flow,
their fleeting fragile liaison!
She doesn't want to let go or forget,
Let her die with the beginning of spring.
She was his before August was born.
Her story of them completed at decade's beginning.
Their blossom dropped off before March blew in


Penny MacPherson, a graduate of Wells College (Aurora) and the University of Virginia (Charlottesville), has been writing poetry for over thirty years. MacPherson has conducted poetry workshops at Mary Giella Elementary School in Spring Hill, Florida and Moton Elementary School in Brooksville, Florida. She has also offered women’s poetry workshops focusing on recovery writing.

Her work has appeared in such publications as: Just Another Writing Magazine; Beginnings: a Magazine for Emerging Writers; Access; Expressions; The Glens Falls Post Star; Discovery: the John Milton Magazine; and Muscadine Lines: a Southern Journal. Read more of Penny's work at: Poetry Patch 416.


© Penny MacPherson

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